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Wellness & spa

Leave the beaten tracks, to create new spa worlds

Especially in the planning of interior designs of wellness and spa areas, which can be very cost-intesive, it is a special priority of artis plan PLC not to follow short-term trends. Every concept is individually adjusted for the hotel. Design and a premium sense of well-being serve to develope unique features, that guarantee long-term success.  

The beaten tracks have to be left behind, to create new experience worlds, in which the guests can relax. These moments are taken home and kept in mind for a long time. 

Extraordinary relaxing areas, cocooning niches or individually designed LED light installations are just some of the elements that the team of the artis plan PLC use for their distinctive creations. It is the target to bind the guests to the house for a long time and guarantee a constant degree of capacity utilisation.

Catering to all tastes

with cocooning-cuddle areas, that create a cavelike atmosphere or with interesting combinations of natural material like stainless steel, classical Tyrolean wooden elements, gems or LED light installations - artis plan PLC developes the suitable interior fittings for all tastes.

Wellness & Spa

A paradise for all wellness guests is developed - a paradise in which tradition and modern spirit form an exciting symbiosis.